Family Auxiliary

Family Auxiliary

The Family Auxiliary supports the goals of North Jersey Friendship House which are to assist persons with disabilities and to improve their quality of life. This auxiliary is a non-partisan advocate for the rights of our beloved family members who require assistance to compete in the workforce and to obtain independence. We share experiences and provide information to family members regarding other services that could benefit the members.


The Family Auxiliary provides additional sources of funding for the social activities of North Jersey Friendship House members and serves as a means of communication between the families of members and the administration and staff. Meetings are held on the second Saturday of the month at 10:00 at North Jersey Friendship House. The purpose of these meetings is to plan the social activities and fundraising events as well as for information sharing.


All officers and members of the Family Auxiliary serve on a volunteer basis and receive no compensation.


Our Current Officers:


Charles Ferrara


Vice Presidents:

Gloria Hopf

Albert Gunnell


Margaret Ferrara



Kenneth Derzsak Sr.