Frank R

Frank R


Frank R. is the Julie Sandorf - Supportive Housing Tenant Award recipient for 2011. Frank’s success is two-fold: he demonstrates how powerful the “housing first” practice is because once he was settled in an apartment, he could then move onto his prevocational goals with Friendship House’s assistance.


Frank demonstrated his abilities as an independent worker in the in-house maintenance program which allowed him to work toward the goal of placement out in the community at one of our Janitorial Services contract sites.

When asked to describe how he felt about the award and his advocacy for homelessness, he stated: “I am nobody special. I just try to do the right thing and pay back. As I approach my one-year anniversary at Friendship House, I am very grateful for the opportunity of being here.”


As an aside, anyone present at the February 15th Bergen County Freeholder public meeting was able to see Frank’s advocacy in action. He was one of the many individuals who spoke regarding the impending 25% cut to the Aid to Mental Health Budget line. His testimony on behalf of the Mental Health Centers was compelling and wonderful to witness.

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